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The scenes with Arya and the Hound provide sharp quotable dialogue as always, still an enjoyable pairing to watch, but at this point it would be welcome to see their story advance, without wanting to slip into Lord of the rings style scenes of endless walking.

Some less notable appearances this week go to Danaerys and Brienne. Brienne’s scene gives us a little bit of character development for Pod, an always likable character, but not much more. Danaerys’ scene this week just seems like stalling her storyline so that they can keep her in Essos until she is needed in Westeros, but the trailer for episode 6 appears to suggest that her storyline may be advancing quicker than we think (we shall have to wait and see).

watch game of thrones season 4 episode 6 online

Daenerys likes ships , of course she does , she can’t expect to swim all the way across the narrow sea or fly on her dragons which by the way according to Ser Jorah (Friend zoned) Mormont can’t be tamed. Well there goes her hopes. Thank you Ser Mormont. Also there’s a revolt started in the slaver cities , Astapor and Yunkai , well let’s see what will she do about that. Guess she’s gonna *puts on shades* RULE “yeaaaaaaaaah”

Sansa and Peeta reach the Eyrie . Oh she musn’t tell anyone who she is. Only Little finger and his wife Lysa Arryn and her son Robin knows about the Stark girl. Yeah I said “WIFE” . Well here’s something new Jon Arryn wasn’t killed by the Lannisters after all. What were those drops? Of course it can only be poison , what else? So Peter gave the drops to Lysa to poison the hand of the king , her husband??? . This changes everything . All the starks would be alive now and living happily in Winterfell , none of this would have started. Well to be honest it started when Robert killed the last dragon Rheagar on the trident , but that’s all in the past now .

watch game of thrones season 4 episode 6 online free So is lady stark ,whom Peter loved and just due to that love this cold hearted guy saved her daughter. So Sansa’s aunt and Peter get married right on the spot. She’s a little crazy from above having her doubts about Sansa , wondering that Sansa will take him away from her. After all she is the daughter of the woman Baelish wanted.